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Topic Title: Wood Chip drawer
Created on June 17, 2014 at 09:45 PM


I filled my wood chip drawer and they never ignited. I lit them with torch and they went out. I'm not doing something right; whats the problem?

Go Cats!

I have the Wrangler and the chip drawer is my only disappointment. When I want more smoke, I add a chip box that I purchased at Lowe's and place it on the drip pan to the left of the grill. I have also found that if you take the wood pellets and get them wet (turn them back to sawdust) they seem to smoke a little better. I think there are two truths that I have to keep in mind with this grill. 1. IT is not a smoker, it is a grill. Big Difference! 2. You don't really need a lot of smoke to get the smoke flavor. The dripping from the cooking meat will cause some smoke and add the great flavor to the meat.

Having said all of that, my Wrangler is BY FAR the best grill I have ever owned and I use it 2 or 3 times a week. I have consider buying a smoker for the low and slow cooking. I have friends that love their Trager for this type of cooking but I have not tasted enough difference to justify the cost of one of them or the extended cooking time.

Tom Kirkman

They should smolder, not "ignite." If I'm understanding you correctly.