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Topic Title: GRILL
Created on July 22, 2008 at 06:49 PM



Floyd A

Yes, if I needed to, but my Holland is all stainless & has quite a few years on it. I honestly don't think I will ever need to buy another grill. I don't want to cook on anything else.

Michael wife use to do ALL the grilling because I just hated having to stand there and watch it constantly. Now..I do all the grilling AND have plenty of time to fix and serve her (and other guest) Margaritas at the tiki bar ! I LOVE IT and hope it will last for years as others have testified to. If it ever came down to it years down the road, then YES I would buy another one. Best grill I have ever had !


I've had mine for 17 years now. the dealer I brought mine from said I wouldn't ever have to buy another and I'd say he was right



the demonstrator

As a person who has been demonstrating the Holland Grill for years and have spoken to hundreds of satisfied Holland Grill owners, I don't think there is any question that it's not only THE only grill that I would ever own, but it's also the only grill that I would recommend to anyone who is really serious about barbeque-ing.


without a doubt. every time we use it I'm amazed at how incredible the food tastes. For example, even skinless off the bone chicken breasts, very boring to me, taste great and are juicy as leftovers. I slice them and add them to greek salads days later and everyone loves it as if it was just cooked, or one day old. One can not do that on any type of weber gas or coal of any kind.


Yes I would, had mine 10 years. Just had wings cooked on my HOlland tonight, they were great. I think chicken on the Holland is the juciest I have ever had. I get plenty smoke by adding dry wood chips/chunks directly on top of the drip pan toward the rear. For the first time I have been able to tell the differance between different types of wood smoke flavor. I've used peach, pecan, hickory, oak, dogwood. I think I like the dogwood the best, it had a very mild smoke flavor. Pecan has a strong smoke flavor. LOVE MY HOLLAND GRILL


The guy who bad mouthed the grill obviously does not have a clue how to cook let alone grill!!! This is the best grill in the world!!!! I have only had mine for 2 years but love it to death!!! The flavor is outstanding!!!


Thanks for all the great replies. Bought one and a I am looking forward to it. Keep all the good hints and recipes coming in.

@ Randy & all

Lets keep this thread going! I have enjoyed all the comments from Holland owners.
We expect a report from you after you have cooked a few things on your grill & have it broken in so it's not shiny clean anymore.


YES YES I WOULD. my grill was on the fritz and the wife said let go buy a new grill but the dealer is no longer here. did not want any other so with your great hits how to fix the burner and after i welded so side rails on the rusted out drip pan we are going grillen!!!! P.S. i now know i can order the botton all in one pice ill be good for 15 more years!!!!!I WILL NOT GIVE UP THIS GRILL!!!!!

Dennis Storch

Absoluetly I bought oneabout 5yrs. ago and bought another for our summer place at the Mississippi river.
Best Ive ever used.Thanks Holland




All my grill buddies are envious of my Holland, just put the food on, paly a few rounds of bags, and its time to eat!!!!


I have had my Holland grill for 14 years. Rebuilt it twice. Should be good for another 14 years. But I am going to purchase a Primo Grill to go along with the Holland.


Used my Holland Legacy grill yesterday to cook a 22 lb turkey and the results were phenomenal. If I had any doubts about the limitations of this grill (and I didn't), they were answered. I used the smoking drawer for the first hour with applewood, followed by filling the pan with water and herbs for about 4 hours and then cooked it dry for a crispy outer for the last two hours. Best ever and I've done them on smokers, deep fryers in oven bags. This was the best and the easiest. Burgers, dogs, steaks and even frozen pizzas are awesome. Cooked meat loafs and ribs. It is the best!

Dave in NC

Well ... giving up my flame thrower after hearing from all you Holland lovers and just bought me an EPIC ... its still in my suburban and can't wait to try it out .... hope I'm not disappinted, but can't imagine I will be from listening to my friends with one and reading this blog ...


I bought my first Holland grill one month ago and have already used it more than I did my other one in a years time. It's awesome and I will always recommend it to others. Grillin'burgers tonight!!!

Jeff G

I'm not so sure that I would ever buy another type of grill. My wife keeps asking me if I get commissions for convincing other people to by a Holland. So far I have my brother and a co-worker ready to buy, and they haven't even tasted the food yet. I just feel that if you believe in a product, why not spread the wealth.


I love it for everything but steaks. I like a little char and it just doesn't get hot enough. I have also had trouble keeping it hot as it has gotten colder (new england) but this is partly due to location and wind. I would buy another one but am in the process of ordering a komodo kamado ceramic grill for steaks and smoking.


The Holland allows you to mow lawn(or shovel snow now) and grill at the same time with no worries! The only grill that can say that! It is also the only grill that pork chops will leave some ajus on your plate. Gotta go, my mouth is watering now! :)


Yep...Sure would....Best Damn grill ever made.....After grilling on a Holland, it would be hard to go to anything else.


We bought an Apex about 6 months ago. By far the best grill we've had. Outstanding quality. Just bought a companion for my daughter and will probably buy one for ourselves to take on camping trips. These grills are not cheap. get what you pay for. I would recommend these grills to anyone.


I won my Holland Grill in a raffle 18 years ago and it was the best item I could have ever won. Ever since I've bought tickets at everyone of that charities raffles trying to win another. Mine still works fantastic and I have never replaced a part. They have a life-long friend and someone who will always support their charity.




We invited our daughter and family from Linden, Mi to come up to SAGINAW and have a turkey dinner with us and she stated that they will come if I cook it on the grill and not in the oven. I used to make hockey pucks on the other grills and now they want me to grill all the time. She even brings her own chickens and ribs for me to cook and then she takes it home with her. LOVE the LEGACY

Buy another Holland?

Yes...without a doubt. Some of our friend's marriage break up and the big fight is who gets the Holland and the dog!

Tom Kirkman

I'd never be without one at this point.