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Topic Title: Bone in chicken halves
Created on June 18, 2014 at 11:29 PM


I have cooked bone in chicken breasts several times and meat seems to
Be very chewy but not dry. I cook bone side
Down for 20 minutes then flip and skin side down 15. I am only using a dry rub on them before. Am I undercooking or cooking too long? Any suggestions?


If it's chicken halves you should probably cook them longer.....Breasts, maybe a lil less time


They are breast. What's your ideal cook time?



Here are my times and have had (maybe I'm lucky)no complaints.

Splits (split breasts)35 min per side

Fryer Leg Quarters 30 min per side

Boneless Skinless Breast 20 min per side.

I'm cooking on a Classic a SS Legacy or my Companion and times are all the same for my cookers, skin is crisp like a potato chip and the meat is extremely moist.

Concerning boneless skinless chicken breasts I only do those when I make my version of Alice Springs Chicken.