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Topic Title: Cook times
Created on June 22, 2014 at 02:07 PM

Mike S

Hello Holland group,
I have been looking to buy a Holland grill, but the only concern I have is my wife likes well done steaks no pink whatsoever. How long would it take to grill a steak to well done on a Holland? And another question we grill all the time nothing special just chicken hamburgers the easier stuff, how long does it take to grill hamburgers or chicken breasts? I know you want the internal temp but just would like to know how many minutes. These answers will help me decide if I buy. Holland.

Mike S


Hard to give and answer as the items you mention come all different sizes. For me I find most of these things are between 30 & 40 minutes for med well.


to answer your first ? the Holland is the only grill I know of that you can cook a well done steak with out burning it and be the most juicy steak you ever eaten. as Kevin said time is hard to pinpoint because of size differences but when you get perfect food every time a few minutes shouldn't matter you also said you just cook the easier stuff. there is nothing hard when it comes to cooking on a Holland. I amaze my family and friends with the food that comes off my Holland and it's 18 years old and still going

Mike S

Thank you for the responses. If I buy one it will take a short time getting use to it just like everything else. Thanks again.

Tom Kirkman

For medium rare, I tend to cook steaks on the Holland for about 6 minutes per side per inch. So assuming a 1 inch steak, that would be 12 total minutes for medium rare. I'd add about 6 minutes, total, for a steak approaching well done.

The thing is, you need to keep a log book when you first get the grill. You find out what a certain time will get you and adjust accordingly. At some point you'll be dialed in and will always get the exact results you want!