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Topic Title: brisket receipes?
Created on July 2, 2014 at 10:57 AM


want to cook a brisket for the 4th. Ive tried the one from Holland, although it was good, I'd like to try something new. Don't want to screw it up, beef is too expensive!!


I guess by the lack of responses I need to go on and buy that PRIMO ceramic


There is one on the recipe page under beef. It looks pretty good.


That's the one I was referring to that I tried before. Doing a variation on that one now. I just thought there would be a few other receipes out there.

Even with a full pan of water I have to prop the lid open with my metal chip box. Wasting propane to keep the temp down.


I have also turned down the control valve to lower my temp. I just look in the small hole to check that the flame is not too low.