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Topic Title: Holland at Altitude
Created on July 17, 2014 at 01:11 PM


Any comments on how the Holland works at high altitude? I'm think of a holland, but with the one temp, kinda worried on how it work work here in Colorado. My house is about 8000 ft...normal gas grill and charcoal burn a little cooler due to the reduced oxygen. Would a bigger orfice (sp) help?



Hollands are usually fine up to about 10,000 ft. Just make sure you read the manual(most people don't)& make the air-shutter adjustment so you have a mostly blue flame with yellow tips/flickers.

The regulator on the hose will maintain the correct gas pressure into the burner, but the air at altitude has less oxygen, consequently a bit more airflow is required to get the correct mixture.

Hope this helps.