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Topic Title: Cleaning the drip tube is a pain.
Created on August 3, 2014 at 10:38 PM


What doesn't Holland sell a round SS brush to clean the drip tube out? I am thinking of using a long shaft drill bit with my cordless drill.


I found some bottle brushes at Harbor Freight that work well for this purpose although they are nylon bristles however they do give it a good cleaning.

For the heavy duty cleaning (read annual or when I store the grill) and no I'm not kidding I have a few shot gun cleaning kits around. I just buy one bore brush and attach it to one of the extra cleaning rods.

Go Cats!

Ditto with the shotgun cleaning brush. 12ga I think but it will do the trick


Thanks for your replies. I thought about the shotgun rod but I guess I will get a long drill bit and do it that way.


A wooden dowel may also do the trick if you have one laying around.


3/4" x 8" long black pipe nipple. About $3 at any hardware store. When yours gets hard to clean, replace it. I do it about once a year. Also, spray the threads & the inside with a high temp non-stick Pam type spray. Makes it a lot easier to clean.

If you are not removing the drip pan & vacuuming out loose food particles & rust in the bottom at least once a year, you are not taking care of your grill.

BTW....You can buy 5/8" or 3/4" diameter stainless steel or brass tube brushes on ebay & many other sites.


Wooden dowel works for me....I also buy a large plastic bottle of coke and when the coke is gone I cut the bottle in half. Then I put the bottom half in the drip bucket. If it gets nasty...I throw it away and put a new plastic bottle in the drip bucket! No mess...


I do something simular to your coke bottle. I use empty butter/margarine tubs. Let the grease drip into them. When full just put the lid on it and pitch. You also have the option of putting the lid on if flies/critters are a problem between cooks.


I went to Home Depot and got a metal rod about 1/4 is a shinny rod so easy to it through the drip tube and finished. I take an empty liter coke bottle and cut the top off. I slide this into the grease trap bucket and when it gets nasty...I toss it and slide a new one in. Clean and easy!


Metal shish kabob skewer, it is pointed and strong!


If done more often it's not all that bad

moon pie

clean the big chunks out of your drip pan, shut the valve, boil a gallon of water in the pan then open the valve and let it run out = clean tube and valve.
use a cheap 5/8" wooden dowel for regular cleanups.


Call your local dealer, Holland now has a special tool for cleaning the drip tube.


I bought that Holland tube cleaning tool. I found that the tube cannot have much build up or the rod doesn't fit in the tube (like mine). I think I'll buy a shotgun cleaning kit just for my grill.