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Topic Title: Age of Holland Grill
Created on August 5, 2014 at 02:14 AM


Anyone have any idea how old a Holland grill would be with serial number BH421SS2,the H may be an M also says PREMIER II, address is 310 Irving Parkway, Holly Springs NC, would parts still be available for this.


I did look in parts, it shows the burner parts are still available, are other parts available, hoping someone knows the years these were made, under the model number I can make out 001976 or it may be 001978, would that be the year it was manufactured.


BH421SS2 is the model number, which is a Premier II. The serial number stamped into the data plate would indicate when it was made. My Premier II serial number is 012597. I bought one of the last of this model in 2001. Not much to go wrong on a Premier II, mostly stainless steel except for the cast iron burner. You can order the burner & other gas parts in the "Parts" section under your model number.