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Topic Title: GRILL TEMP
Created on July 23, 2008 at 05:42 PM


My friends say that you should just turn the burner wide open when you cook anything is this true or should i could on lower setting and cook longer what is the max heat wide open i have a heritage just bought it 07 01 2008

the demonstrator


All full size Hollands' are a one-temperature grill. You should turn your gas valve to the on position...Do not set this half-way. If you want to lower your temperature, just add water to your drip pan. Your cooking temperature without water should be after a few uses somewhere between 400 - 440. Just cook by time. A temperature/probe, like the one Holland sells, takes away all the guess work. Just insert into meat, set your desired farenheit temperature, and start grilling.

Terry (Illinois)

My temperature doesn't work anymore. Does Holland warranty this product? I received it for Christmas last year. It reads LLL I think.


Sorry, My temperature/probe.


We have an older Holland Heritage grill which doesn't get hot unless the outdoor temp is triple digit like it is now. I grill with the gas valve wide open at all times. We have thoroughly cleaned the whole unit and are still having trouble with spotty heating. Should we replace some parts?


You need to be asking Holland this question.
800-880-9766 for technical help.
Be sure & have your model number, serial number & date of purchase when you call.


I have owned the Holland Companion Outdoor Oven for several years. I call it the Outdoor Oven because that is what it is, it is NOT a grill. You can warm it up for hours and it will not grill anything, it bakes it like an oven. The juices run down the drip pan, and don't provide any flavor at all. PURE JUNK!! I have just purchased a Weber GRILL, and will be happily grilling black lines in my steaks again. Lesson learned!!

@ jerry

My wife & I are retired & the Companion is the only grill we own. We have it hooked to a 20lb tank at home & cook 90% of our meals on it. If we go on a trip, we can grab a couple of 1 lb tanks. We love the grill because it cooks like a convection oven (as advertised) & we can cook so many things on it & all are delicious.
Have fun burning your food on your new grill, but don't make us folks who appreciate the Companion sound like idiots.


Hey Jerry:
Hope you're happy with your BBQ. I just purchased my Holland Apex and I'm more than happy with it. Best BBQ I've had. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Good luck with your BBQ, but remember us Holland people when you're dealing with charred food.


HELP!!!!! My tradition will not go over 300 was working fine 425-450 now nothing 300 max HELP



If you are on an LP tank, you most likely just need to reset the regulator. Look at the "Service Tip" at the top of the home page titled "My grill won't get hot, what do I do?".

BTW - The answer for most common problems can be found somewhere on this web-site, usually under "Grill care tips" or "Trouble-shooting". If not, call Holland for help.


Hey thanks for the help resetting reg worked once again thanks


I was just looking at some recipes and they all say pre heat grill,so buy that do thay mean turn on high and cook by time,cause my grill will top out at around 475-490.I am new to this so work with me please


Happy to help John,

Your preheat temp is about normal for a new grill in the latest models. It will come down some when you add food & will gradually come down overall as the grill gets seasoned.
Best practice is to get your food on at about 400 degrees, don't wait for it to get to 450 or better unless you are doing steaks where you want max heat.
If you want to cook at a lower temp, that is the time to add water to the drip pan.