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Topic Title: Regulating the temperature.
Created on August 7, 2014 at 12:32 AM


I have tried propping up the lid and the pan filled with water but the temperature fluctuates too much when the wind blows trying to slow cook. Has any body tried using a needle vale between the regulator and the grill valve?


One thing to remember. The lid thermometer is only measuring the temp inside the very top of the lid, not at the cooking surface. If you have water in the drip pan, the temp on center portion of the cooking surface is not much above boiling (212 deg). The heat is coming up around the edges of the drip pan & rising to the top, so the edges & the top of the lid will be much hotter.
Try putting an oven thermometer in the center of the cooking surface, you will be surprised how much cooler it is than the lid thermometer. Hope this helps.


I am using a digital thermometer 1" off the grill surface. With a gusting breeze the temp will fluctuate 25 degrees. Propping the lid defeats the whole purpose of the oven and the water dissipates faster. The Holland grill as a BBQ oven is great but it can use some improvements. Putting a needle valve would be one. Being able to control the flame will be a major improvement.


Here is a update for installing a needle valve. It works great. Now I can adjust the temperature down to 250 for slower cooking and it only affects the flame color slightly without touching the venturi. No more propping the lid open and temp fluctuations. I am stoked.