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Topic Title: maverick grill
Created on August 14, 2014 at 08:53 PM


Does anyone have a recipe for babyback ribs using the maverick which doesn't have the steamer function. I didn't realize you needed the steamer for making ribs when I bought it. I hope I didn't make a mistake in buying this one as opposed to the one that steams. Didn't know I would need for grilling meats.


you don't need the steaming function for making ribs on a Holland!
Here's what you need to do...
1 Marinate your rack of ribs for 8hrs with Holland seasoning ( I prefer the Greek)
No need to pre cook or peel membrane from back side
2 pre heat grill for 20 - 30 minutes
3 place your racks on a rib rack if you have one. if not place directly on the grid
4 cook 40 - 45 minutes per side. (if using rack rotate rack and ribs)
5 remove from rack after 1.5 hrs, place directly on grid
6 Baste with your favorite BBQ sauce (I prefer Holland 487 sauce or Kraft Honey Teriyaki marinade)cook for about 10 minutes
7 flip and rotate the racks and baste again, cook for another 10 minutes then remove.
times will vary depending on how meaty your ribs are, but you can tell by how the meat looks.
meat will come right off the bones!