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Topic Title: Onions and garlic
Created on August 27, 2014 at 09:38 PM


I cook onions and garlic as a healthy side dish with many of my meals made on the Holland. Try this....just cut a whole onion in half...not from end to end but right through the middle. Same with a whole bulb of garlic...try to cut through the center of the cloves still attached as a whole. Now drizzle a little oil of your choice and some salt and pepper on the exposed sides and put them face down on the hottest parts of your Holland. They will roast whole like this. You can flip them once after about 15 minutes for the onions and 10 mins for the garlic.
I eat the onion halves with a steak knife and fork, and the crispy roasted garlic cloves just pop right out of their "shells". The garlic is great even if you let it burn a little. Use Vidalia onions if you can, they're shape is good for this method.