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Topic Title: ribs
Created on September 1, 2014 at 01:01 PM


what is best way to cook pork spareribs holland site shows two different methods


I just cooked ribs using the EZ method. First, I let the ribs set out for about an hour at room temperature. Then, while my Holland is heating up, I put Carolina seasoning on the ribs. Once the grill has reached it's maximum temp, I put the ribs on (bone side down) for about 45 minutes. I then remove the ribs and put them in an aluminum pan (I use the throw away type pan I buy at the local Food Lion. This eliminates the messy clean-up after cooking.) After placing in the pan I put on the "Grilling Sauce" that I buy at the local Checkered Pig barbecue restaurant. I use copious amounts of sauce. Then I cover the pan with aluminum foil and put back on the grill for an additional 45-60 minutes. This is easy and makes for tasty ribs every time.

Tom Kirkman

This is how I do ribs: