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Topic Title: Meat thermometer
Created on November 17, 2014 at 03:10 PM


I'm looking to cook a turkey on my Holland for Thanksgiving. Was looking through some recipes here and other places and almost everyone said to get a programmable meat thermometer so that you will know exactly when the turkey is done. Anyone have any suggestions of what to get or not to get?

Grill Man

Give Holland a call at 800-880-9766. They have a few of the Wired Thermometers left or you can check with some of the larger retail chains and get their version of a wireless or wired thermometer. if you go another retailer, just make sure the thermometer has a good temperature range.


also make sure the probe has a stainless steel mesh covering the wire and not the Teflon coating I've heard the Teflon coating will melt if you close the lid on it


I'd shop somewhere other than Hollan for a good meat thermometer, I just received one of the so called programmable thermometers and wish I had spent my $25 on something else. Seems to be a dollar store special that needs to sell for a lot less. You cannot program a desired temp, you can only use the programmed ones that are preset.


My kkids got me one of the thermometers you're talking about. I read your post and decided to read the directions more carefully. I like to cook Boston Butts to 175 degrees. But the PORK setting on this thing is set at 170. So, I kept pushing the MEAT button until PORK 170 was displayed. Then I held down the MEMORY button until the temperature (170) started flashing. Then I used the + - buttons to set it to 175 and then pressed MEMORY again. Wah worked for me. Good luck.


The Holland wired thermometer is the best I have ever used. Get it quickly they are either changing it or everyone is selling out. Still can get it online. Do NOT pull the probe out when hot, without a mitt or oven globe. it will not take you long to know it is HOT. Dumb me.