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Topic Title: Large Turkey
Created on November 25, 2014 at 10:38 AM


We raised our own turkeys this year and they are rather large. The bird we have set out for thanksgiving is 31lbs! I have never cooked a turkey on my Holland, but last night I cooked a large chicken on it and it was amazing. My question is has anyone cooked a bird that big on a Holland? I checked it last night and the lid is about 1-1/2" from the top of the bird. I know it is going to take almost 8 hours to cook and that is fine, but just wondered if anyone had any tips for a bird that big.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


Be sure the bird is at room temp, have a full bottle of propane & leave some extra time. A bird that big will take a while. I have cooked 2 16# birds at the same time on mine.
Good luck & enjoy!!


You might want to shield the wings and legs with foil as they will be really close to the hotter edges. I'd cook it a couple hours and then shield it. Good luck!


Ok I don't know if we are in a time warp or what, but I put the turkey on at 3:30 am and set the timer for 6:45 am to go out and add the bacon and butter per the recipe. I lifted the lid and it was golden brown and even burnt on the wing tips. I immediately stuck the thermometer in it and it was all at least 185 everywhere I stuck it! I didn't put the thermometer in it when we first put it on because by the size it should have taken almost 8 hours. Why did this 31lb turkey only take 3 hours and 15 minutes? After letting it sit for 30 minutes I snuck a chunk of the breast meat and it is super juicy and tastes great. I am ecstatic that it is done and looks like it will taste great, but baffled it was done so fast. Guess I could have gotten a good nights sleep and cooked it later this morning.

Happy Thanksgiving To All!


My times do not exponentially increase! Estimates are for a 10-14 lb turkey. The per pound time changes. I do know two 14 lb turkeys cook about the same timeframe. Also, you were not checking turkey every 30 minutes at 4 am, and also, was your turkey truly 31 lbs dressed out?