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Topic Title: no heat
Created on November 29, 2014 at 04:55 PM


I purchased an Apex stainless a couple years back and love the results although I can not get the heat to go over 350 degrees at its best. When I fill it up with chicken, it drops to 275-300 and takes over an hour to cook 5 lbs of wings. I don't mind slow cooking when I have the time but during the winter months, I can rarely use it. I can never get it hot enough for the smoker pellets to start to smoke. Several of my friends have the same model without problems. I adjusted the flame according to the instructions. I have a natural gas hook up and have changed the orifice to no avail also. I purchased online so I don't have a local dealer to take it to. Even If I did, they probably won't have a natural gas hook up to test it out. Any suggestions?


What exact size is the orifice you have on the grill? Without knowing that, no one can guess what your problem is. Also, natural gas is regulated. Do you know what your pressure is at the grill?
An Apex properly set-up should give you around 450 in the summer & 400 in the winter.

One other thing. If you are completely covering the cooking grid with wings, the heat can't circulate to the top of the grill & the burner is starving for air. Always leave a couple of inches around the edge open for circulation.

Give us some more specific info & we will try to help.