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Topic Title: Can't grill in the winter
Created on December 5, 2014 at 06:09 PM


Holland Maverick back in 2012.
-I found once it gets colder 60 or less it takes longer to grill.

I am unable to cook in the winter months.

What can I do if anything to my maverick to get it to cook "Hotter" in the winter?

Would like to be able to burn off the excess grease/meat in the winter...won't ever happen.


Can you give us an idea of what temps you are achieving & what the temp is outside?


I bought a small roll of fiberglass insulation from Menards which is faced with aluminum foil (only one side) and about 1" thick. It is wide enough to cover the width of the grill top. Cut 2 pieces at the dimension needed. Use a regular office type stapler to sort of seal around the edges and hold together. Cut holes for the smoke stacks with scissors. When finished it will just lay on the top lid of the grill, it does not need to cover the sides. I can't believe you are the first to ask this question. It works so well! My thermometer is around 400 deg when it is 15-20 deg outside temp here in Michigan. Love it! Just take on or off when needed. Occasionally use even when its warmer outside, when I want a higher cooking temp. Oh!..I have had my grill 13 years and am on only my 2nd insulator pad.

Tom Kirkman

Typically I add a few minutes to my cooking times when temps are lower. My Apex heats to about 430F in the summer but only about 385 to 390 in the winter due to the lower air temps. Tacking on about 2 minutes per side extra seems to do the trick. Just one of the little things you have to figure out and once you do you can grill in just about any temperature with equal results.

andy martin

i am cooking steaks this evening and when i preheated it got up to little under 400. i had about 7 steaks which pretty much covered the grid. of course it took me a couple minutes to get those steaks on the grill and when i had them all on there the temperature was down to about 200. i had them on there for about 15 minutes and temp is still barely over 200. i don't think this is normal because i have been using hollands for roughly 20 years and this doesn't seem normal. any suggestions. outside temp is 52.

old guy

If you cover the whole cooking surace with food, the air can't circulate from bottom to top,the burner will starve for oxygen &won't burn at full heat. Also very little heat is getting to the thermometer at the top of the lid, so your indicated temperature will not be normal.
Always leave about 2" open around the edge of the cooking grid for heat to circulate. A Holland cooks like a convection oven. Let it breath.

Tom Kirkman

The grill will produce just as much heat in the winter as it does in the summer, but it's having to start from a lower temp. So let's say you can get 420F in the summer, in the winter when the temps are maybe 50F lower, the grill is going to run at 370F. You adjust for this by adding a little bit of time to your regular cooking times. I typically add anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes to my cooking times in the winter months and get the same end result as I do in the summer.