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Topic Title: will not get above 100 degree
Created on December 15, 2014 at 06:33 PM


what would cause my grill not to get over 100 degrees?


Could you be a little more specific. Which model is it? Do you actually have a flame? What size & color is it? Are you using LP or NG? Is this with food on the grill or not? Most low heat problems are a result of not enough gas getting to the burner. What is your set-up?


Try these suggesstions


Try turning propane tank off then turn back on real slow there is a safty device that occangly will ongly let out so much propane if it was turded on to fast ive had exact same thing happen


I have the wrangler model and yes there is a blue flame but usually goes out if i lift or close the lid. I am running LP.

Thanks ! I think i will try starting with cleaning the orfice.


The weak all blue flame indicates that you have virtually no gas getting to the burner. Check the orifice for blockage first. If that does not help, something is blocking the gas from getting to the orifice. The biggest possibility is your LP regulator on the hose. There is a reset procedure in the support section under "Trouble-shooting, Grill not getting hot". This is where you should have started.


thanks for the help.....i went through all procedures and it ended up being the regulator on the hose. Bought new hose and problem fixed.Working better then ever. Dont know what i would have done if i lost my Holland grill !!!!!