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Topic Title: No way
Created on March 6, 2015 at 12:37 AM


My grills will hit 700 degrees in about 5 minutes. Or can be turned to a steady 200 for all day cooking. I would never buy a holland grill. After reading some of these posts. Not for me. By the way I have 3 natural gas and one propane. I grill year round in temps as low a 0. May only reach 600 then but that's not bad. I have modded the grills some for their high performance, just the way I like them!


Good for you, meanwhile my typical gassers are hangar queens and lawn ornaments an I'm enjoying my Holland.

Burnt Offerings

Im like KSC rude, I just love burnt food. The black crispiness of a flame thrower grill I call them.. gives you just an awesome crunch you just cant get with a non flare up Holland Grill. Besides that, the juices from a real nice plump pork chop will get on my shirt when cooked on one of them darn Hollands, and I just hate that. With My Modified Flame Thrower grill that gets to 800 degrees in 8.9 minutes I get rid of those pesky juices,, Ha!! no more juice on the shirt!! Im working on a nitro fueled grill now and maybe I can get my T Bone steaks so vaporized you wont be able to tell bone from meat and you can eat the whole thing. My dog will be sad from not getting the bones anymore but hey that's life..


The Holland Grill has a infrared searmate unit that can be attached to any of the Holland grills with temps up to 900 degrees. I promise you this... if you won't burnt in a hurry, you can get burnt in a hurry. Bet I can cook a steak faster than you can on your flame thrower. You are going to take about 10 minutes to get up to speed with your grill, and I'll be eating my steak by that time. So, you can put that one to bed.