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Topic Title: cleaning grill
Created on March 27, 2015 at 09:06 PM


I have an apex grill.. Cleaned it with a product called dawn power dissolver found at walmart. Last year they no longer carried it but found same product only calle dawn grill cleaner at Menards. Now I find out that they no longer carry it. does anybody know where I can get this. Super product for cleaning my grill.

Tom Kirkman

You can clean the Apex with regular oven cleaner. Easy.
Just don't use it on the aluminum drip pan. Carbon Off is the product for that, or several steam meals!


Try searching online for the Dawn Power Dissolver - still my go to product for cleaning the Holland. ACE used to carry it but I don't believe they do any longer. It has become more difficult to find. I got lucky last year and found it online - bought two cases of it since it is becoming rare. Don't settle for the first place you find it online. Poke around to find the best pricing.


The Dawn website still lists it as one of their products but when you click on the "buy it online" link it doesn't list Power Disolver at all. I just finished off a bottle cleaning my grill a couple of days ago.


Like all the other here I use Dawn Power Dissolver when I can get my hands on it. I have two bottles now but have noticed my go to sources (Walmart and Taylor Do It)don't carry it anymore. So I have been playing around with finding a new cleaner. I found one that works pretty darn good and it has the consistency of the Dawn product its called Goo Gone Grill and Oven Cleaner. Its fume less and does the job.

A product I find that really makes your stainless grill pop once again after you clean it is Shelia Shine. Comes in an Aerosol Can or Liquid form in a can that looks like paint thinner. A little bit goes along way. Its a bit pricey but is cheaper in the liquid form. Found it at Ace Hardware. I have used it on my Legacy and AOG grills.