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Topic Title: Time for a new grill - considering the Holland
Created on March 29, 2015 at 09:09 PM


Hi all,

Well, my 20 year old Weber Gas Grill is looking long in the tooth and the choice is either to replace the burners, grates, and flavorizer bars, which would equal the cost of a new grill or just by a new grill. Since I am at that point I was considering the Holland.

I am familiar with the name as they started in North Carolina, but I wonder about the lack of control on the gas for temperature. Is this a major limitation or does it just work. We primarily cook pork tenderloins, chicken, whole turkey, fish, scallops, and occasionally steak and burgers. I would also like to get into smoking and was considering a pellet smoker but I think that may be too specialized for me. I saw the Amaze-N-Tube Smoker and wondered if anyone is using that with their Holland. Looks like it would generate a lot of nice smoke. With lack of temperature control how difficult is it to get it at a low temperature for slow cooking?

Thanks for any help.



The beauty of the Holland happens to be the "lack of control for temperature." It works like an oven - you have two temperatures. Essentially 400 to 430F and with water in the steam pan about 250 to 275F.

So you learn how long it takes to cook anything at these temperatures and cook by time. Write it down and then you can repeat the same meal, cooked to the same doneness, every single time.

Cooking a full meal with several items? You can put them on in sequence so that everything comes off, done to perfection, at the same time.

Get a Holland and don't look back - those other grills are just something to burn food with...

Tom Kirkman

Sorry, forgot to add my name. I'm a proud Holland owner with over 1030 meals cooked on my Apex to date.


Thanks for the reply. I pretty much cook at 350 with indirect heat on the Weber, so I imagine I am pretty safe with the Holland. After all, temperature is temperature, right?


Ed, from the list of items you like to cook, you are working right down my menu. Don't need to say much about how the Holland cooks ALL those items in your list. "Just Great' sums it up. Although, your questions about the smoking turkeys, and chicken etc. 1 gal of water (or your choice liq.) will bring your temp down around 250 degrees, normal smoking usually takes place at 225 degrees so you're pretty darn close. These temps may run a little higher or lower depending on the outside temp at time of cooking. It takes me about 3 hours to smoke a 19 to 22 lb. turkey and about 1 1/2 hours for a 5 to 6 lb. chicken. If you are looking for an all around cooking machine, the Holland is the grill for you. You will not be disappointed. I have been cooking on mine for 10+ years, and would not trade it for anything.