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Topic Title: First Holland Grill!
Created on April 4, 2015 at 08:53 PM


Bought my first Holland Grill today. I'm excited about the fact that there is no flareup! I got the Apex and want to convert it to natural gas. I have read a lot of reviews and feel good about spending the extra bucks. Gonna try it this afternoon!


what are you going to cook first?


Sorry, just saw your response, We cooked pork ribs and steaks. They came out great. We also tried baked potatoes but they were still hard in the middle so I'll have to try leaving them longer or move them around. Should I have flipped them over too because they were crusted on one side? Happy Easter!


I converted my Apex to natural gas and with empty grill the gauge reads 420. Does this sound about right? I was getting around 520 before and was thinking that was kind of high. Any thoughts? This is readings from gauge on top so probably not too accurate. Love grill by the way!!


yea 420 sounds perfect


We did wings and more ribs. Temp hovered around 350 with food on grill. Everything came out great! And I'm not much of a cook. Lol.

Tom Kirkman

Baked potatoes generally take about a full hour to cook properly. Rinse, dry, lightly coat with olive oil, smother in coarse kosher salt (a large portion will fall off) and set on grill. Turn once at 30 minutes. Cook another 30 minutes. Remove, split (it'll be hot!) and dress with butter, cheese and Holland Carolina Seasoning.

Best baked potato you'll ever eat.


Thanks Tom! We actually did potatoes and chicken strips for supper tonight. You are correct with the time. We did them for an hour and they came out great this time and they were large in size. Very moist in middle. We didn't flip them but next time I will. It's like everyone says, it's all about the timing. I think in the short time I've owned this grill I've used it more than I can think of ever using one in the past. Can't wait to try other things besides meat and potatoes!


First off, congrats on your purchase of the best grill EVER! I do baked potatoes often and how I do it is once the potato is washed, I split it down the middle and place each half, cut side up, on a sheet of tin foil that's large enough to wrap around both halves. Coat the inside of each half with butter, chives, bacon bits onion slices, salt and pepper. Bring the edges of the tin foil up and around both halves. Place them on your grill with the cut side with trimmings up. Set your timer for 1 hour, then take them off and you'll find that the potatoes are cooked just right. No need to turn or flip them over. Enjoy your grill, I certainly have.


It's been 5 months and we are loving our Apex! My wife cooks on it every week and sometimes two to three times a week! I can't say enough about this grill. Thinking about getting the companion for my camping trips. Thank you Holland Co.!!!!! Best grill purchase ever!


By all means get yourself a Companion for camping. I've had 3 of them. Take one south snowbirding every year. First one was borrowed by my daughter and then was infomed by her she needed it more than I. Second one was borrowed by my BIL who tailgates at Dolphin games and I coudn't pry it out of his hands. Bought a third one and have no intention of this one being given away. Great little grill.


Thanks for the tip on the Companion JC.I'm going tomorrow to get it for my wife for Christmas. Thats what she keeps asking for. I never saw here so happy to get something like that instead of clothes or jewelry. LOL. She absolutely loves the Apex! And so do I!!


Update on my Apex. After 2 years still going strong! My wife doesn't cook indoors anymore unless its raining outside. I also have the Companion which we use on our camping trips and love it also. It doesn't get a lot of use like the Apex but it's holding up well. Best money ever spent on a grill. My son calls it an outdoor oven and not a grill but he has not turned down a meal cooked on it yet! LOL. Thanks Holland!