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Topic Title: Steel gauge Holland vs HastyBake
Created on April 9, 2015 at 12:19 AM


What gauge steel is the Patriot lid and other parts. I Was going to buy a Hasty Bake Legacy for $999. Their website has more detailed info that just "heavy duty" I had never even heard of Hasty Bake, but a college friend was from Tulsa where they make them, and they're religios about it. Either way, the Patriot looks like a nice grill as well, which ever one I get will be sight unseen.

Also I noticed that all Holland grills we're propane/natural gas until the Patriot, and the Patriot isn't even listed on their site with the rest of the grills. It seems like they made a model to at least be able to say they have a charcoal grill. So I primarily cook with charcoal/wood, would Hasty Bake be the way to go? I don't think they've ever made a propane grill.

Tom Kirkman

Never heard of it. Might be a fine grill. Don't know. But I'm more than satisfied with Holland. Best grill I've ever owned and best food I've ever eaten.