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Topic Title: rocks on pedestal
Created on April 14, 2015 at 10:31 PM


my holland in about 12 yrs old. Love it. Many a fine meal. Only complaint is where it attaches to the pedestal the bottom of the unit has rusted and it rocks front to back. Still works like a champ and would like to fix it. Any ideas ?

@ Kwig

The reason no one has responded is that you did not give any information on which model grill you have.
Holland has been making grills for over 25 years, Many different models & many different pedestal types.
If you happen to have a grill model with the heavy 4"x5" steel tubing type center post, there are 3 bolts at the top & 3 more at the bottom. If they have loosened up over the years, the grill will rock on the post. They can be tightened without taking the grill apart.
If you have a grill model with the sheet metal shroud type pedestal that hides the tank, make sure all the bolts are tight, then check the wheels base for loose wheels. The bases can be replaced if necessary. Parts are on the web-site under your model number. If the rust at the top of the pedestal is extreme, call Holland. They usually have replacement bottom shells & pedestals for some older models. BTW...All newer model Hollands have aluminum or stainless bottoms that don't rust.
Hope this helps.