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Topic Title: Apex
Created on April 24, 2015 at 10:22 PM


I need a new regulator/hose but I am unable to get the old one off. I bought this grill new 2 years ago and called Holland today with the problem and they told me what I needed, I have tried everything to get it off and can't, is there a video or diagram to show me how to remove it?
Thank you,

Tom Kirkman

The hose is screwed onto the front of the burner tube. You need to wrenches, one for the burner tube fitting to keep it supported and from twisting, and one for the nut on the hose end. Hold the wrench on the burner nut steady and turn the wrench on the hose nut counterclockwise. Generally that should do it.

Tom Kirkman

That should read "two" wrenches.