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Topic Title: top stacks
Created on May 1, 2015 at 01:18 PM


I recently purchased a new Holland grill and just realized that it does not have the stacks on top. How is this going to affect my cooking (as opposed to those with the stacks)?


you must have a maverick or wrangler either one cooks the same as the ones with stacks you just lose a little clearance if you cook a turkey on it you can cook a 12 or 13 lb. turkey while the grills with stacks can cook up to 25 lb. turkeys


I have a Wrangler with the slanted top and I love it. It's my first Holland, I don't know why Holland went with the top for a few years but it doesn't seem to affect the cooking (except for the big turkeys). From what I can tell from reading the blogs it cooks the same way. I kind of do have stack envy though I have to admit but I won't be "upgrading" until this one rusts through and falls apart.