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Topic Title: Plugging the hole
Created on May 19, 2015 at 12:39 PM


Getting ready to smoke some meat. The recipe calls for plugging the hole in the pan. My question is, how?
What do you use to plug the drip pan hole since it gets very hot?


I think that is the valve on the drip pan. Anytime I have used this closing feature, it's for steaming, you fill the drip pan with a liquid, and this will lower the grilling temp. by 100 degrees.


Well, I have discovered that my drip pan is not the correct one for smoking. I do not have a cut off value on my pan. I will have to invest in another one with the cutoff value on it.


You have gotten some bad info. The drain hole on your "Maverick" is where the grease drains out.
DO NOT block it when grilling normally. The Maverick does not have a valve to close when you want
to STEAM food. You can SMOKE food when grilling by setting the small aluuminum tray in the left rear
corner of the drip pan. The Maverick was the only Holland that cannot STEAM. You can SMOKE on all
Hollands. Hope this clears this up.