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Topic Title: Cleaning
Created on June 7, 2015 at 08:46 PM


Can I power wash the outside oft black traditions grill?


Not a great idea to hose down or power wash the grill, stainless or not. Power washing will force water in the smallest cracks & crevices. Don't let anything get wet, inside or outside if you want it to last. Even stainless steel grills have cast iron burners in the bottom.
Wipe the outside down with a damp rag & your favorite cleaner. Vacuum out the inside bottom occasionally. Keep it clean & dry.
Another thing you should always do is leave the lid open on a hot grill after cooking. If you close the lid while the grill is cooling down, it will sweat (condense moisture) on the inside. After your meal, close the lid & put the cover on your cooled down grill.
Hope this helps.