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Topic Title: Grill not hot enough
Created on July 11, 2015 at 02:18 PM


I bought a older Holland Premier for a really good price. replaced the regulator, burner, and oriface. Cleaned up the heat plate. I cannot get this grill to go about 350 to save my life. It seems that no matter what I do it is not getting hot enough to even smoke the pellets in the drawer. Any suggestions? Love the design and everything of the grill just not that it won't get hot enough....


I will also say that the hole where the burner goes in did have a plate or something there... Not sure what because it was completely gone.... Could my heat be escaping there?


1. Make sure you have the owners manual for your model
2. You can order that part you are missing from this site. That could have an impact on your temp.
3. If it is like the APEX version, or similar, you should make sure that you disassemble the Iron burner and remove the air shutter assembly.
4. Once you have a clear shot from the and the burner is disassembled I use a low pressure air compressor to blow out any rust or debris. I do this occasionally and get a puff of rust out of the gas lane
5. Reassemble.
6. When you fire it up, make sure you adjust the air shutter so that you have mostly blue flame with little yellow tips at the end of the flame.
7. Make sure that the location of the grill is not in a wind path. If it is cool and breezy, I rotate the grill to limit the amount of wind hitting the flame from different angles.


Meant to say clear shot from the front of the grill

Randy 2

The original stainless steel models had an orifice too small. Did you replace the orifice with the latest ss recomendation #57. If so, I find the ss steel can even handle the orifice for the black grills , #55.


In response to the statement by RANDY2 - PLEASE do NOT replace our recommended orifice size for your Holland Grill. Replacing the orifice to modify our specific instructions will void all warranty and may result in damage to your grill and other personal property. Holland Grills are designed to cook at a set temperature typically 450 degrees.