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Topic Title: drip pan
Created on September 2, 2015 at 02:42 PM


I would like to replace my drip pan. It has a lot of build up on it, I wish I had thought about putting Aluminum foil on it when I first started using it. I just don't know how to get the drip pan out to replace it. Any ideas. I'm had mine for a long time and I've always been happy with it. Just want it cleaned up a bit.


@Joan - Please do not cover the drip pan with aluminum foil. Regarding the build up while the grill is preheating or after you have cooked on it and is has cooled down a bit is a great time to scrape the drip pan. If you need further information on cleaning your drip pan, call us @ 1-800-880-9766.

Tom Kirkman

After a bit of use I learned that if I make every 3rd or 4th meal something that would utilize the drop pan as a steamer, it would tend to self-clean, or at least make it easier to scrape the carbon and grease residue off of it afterwards. And since there are so many good foods and recipes that make use of the Holland's steaming ability, why not?