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Topic Title: Grill Lights but won't stay lit
Created on November 24, 2015 at 10:44 PM


So, now I have a new problem. The grill lights just fine, but goes out within a couple of minutes. I turn everything off, go through the lighting sequence again, and a few minutes later, it goes out again. I've been through this drill four times tonight; I'm just going to bake my fish in the oven. Big disappointment, but this grill seems to deliver that about every other time. I've never seen such a high-maintenance, finicky piece of equipment.
The grill is an Epic, the gas bottle is almost new and full. Most of the gas delivery hoses and fixtures have been replaced twice (once just a couple of months ago, after some stuff spontaneously came loose and started a fire on my deck). This has been a very bad investment.

Grill Man

I've had an Epic grill now for 2 years and nary had a problem! Works Great every time!

Have you called Holland to have them trouble shoot the problem? You could very well have a clogged burner if you've already replaced all the other gas components ( hose, valve). Even though you have a new tank, there could still be an issue there also, was the tank bled out on the initial filling, possibly there's a problem with the OFD device on the tank valve. Have you tried a different tank?