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Topic Title: Sad goodbye
Created on November 26, 2015 at 09:24 PM


I bought my Classic Holland grill in July of 1999. I have had it for almost 16 and half years paid $454.69. Which means it has cost me $28.44 year to have the best tasting food I have ever enjoyed.
From what I can tell most of the doubters are mostly Yankees and don't know how to use their Holland.
Us Southern boys enjoy the grilling of everything under the sun. I have not had one thing happen to my grill except the drip pan is burning out and you can't get a replacement. Tomorrow my wife and I are going to get a brand new Holland she wants Independence and I want the Apex. Either way I will enjoy another 20 years I hope with me and my Holland.


Good luck. I'll hope I get the same life out of mine.


Yep, turning the Holland on or off takes a real southern genius to operate it. Wished I could be as smart as y'all.


You got lucky. I spent more than 1200 on mine, and it lasted 2 years; I had to completely rebuild the gas delivery system twice. Now they tell me I have to do it again...I can't see spending any more money on this hunk of junk. I've owned a lot of grills (no Yankee here), and this was the worst of the lot. It never did live up to the hype. I will say it was nice not to have any flare-ups, but without any control over the heat, you can't do a good job of slow-cooking on it. If you want to buy some new hoses, you can come to Northern Virginia and haul this Epic (with SearMate) away.

@ Rip

Rip, if you want to control and slow cook on your grill, close off your drain valve fill it with a gallon of hot water. Continue this procedure as the water dissipates and you'll be slow cooking in no time!


Hi Rip,

I would have loved to purchase an Epic and with the searmate, but couldn't afford it. Any chance you still have it?