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Topic Title: Pinnacle review
Created on December 7, 2015 at 03:57 PM

Ed Koch

Looking to buy a Pinnacle this spring for the Lake place, anyone have pros and cons. We need a large grill and I am tires of buying the 200 dollar variety and buy a new one every other year!!!. I have an EPIC and Companion at home and absolutely love them.


Grill Man

I haven't seen or heard anything either way on the Pinnacle, but if your happy with your Epic and Companion, then you should love the Pinnacle. It should be close to double the cooking space of the Epic.


I just went from the Apex to the Pinnacle. Since the grill is bigger but uses 1 burner you have to make sure the grill is level. My first cooking the grill was off by about 1/4" because of the grade/fall of my patio so the rain runs away from the house. Since there was approx 1/4" fall from one end of my grill to the other - my grill cooked very hot on one end and cold on the other. I put new casters with a longer stem on so I can adjust & level the grill. Now my grill cooks even! The one wish I have is that instead of two cooking grids I would like just one. Since there are 2 grids you actually lose some cooking space in the middle of the grill where the edges of the grids come together.