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Topic Title: Ribs?
Created on November 14, 2007 at 12:02 AM

Tom from Virginia

Does anyone have a good recipe for ribbs on the holland grill? I've cooked everything else on my holland and its unbelievable the way the food taste. I haven't tried the ribs yet....thanks


I take mine and coat them with a little bit of Carolina seasoning and then cook them on the grill for about 20-25 min. Then i take my favorite BBQ sauce and fill up a tin pan about half full and put the ribs inside and cover it up with aluminum foil and cook them for about 30-40 min more. When you uncover them, they will be so tender and juicy the meat will just fall off the bone. I have made this same meal for my whole family and they all LOVE it.


Mike, what type of ribs? Country ribs, short ribs, spare ribs, baby back ribs....?


Try short Ribs---I spice mine, then cook at lowest for 2 HRS. You can add BBQ sauce the last 45 min.


My "baby backrib" debut was yesterday...I need to tweek the prep and cooking time some, but the ribs were very good. A dry rub of my own and in the refrigerator overnight wrapped in plastic.

I like a heavy smokey taste, so would start the smoking right from the start. I tried to keep the temp at 250...difficult, so I added water quite often, integrating a little vinegar several times, and cooked for about 4 hours.

I believe I've finally convinced my wife that the Holland is the best...she didn't say so, but the left over ribs have disappeared and we're the only two in the house.


Tom- here's what I do for babybacks and always comes out very, very good.

1) Buy good ribs. Spend an extra dollar or two a pound.
2) Trim any excess membrane.
3) Put a layer of French's (or any) mustard on the ribs. This is only to hold the spices, you won't taste the mustard (promise). I think it works better than oil.
4) Spices? Whatever you like. I like Holland's as well as those from Dizzy Pig. Use one with no sugar as you don't want to over sugar (below)
5) For color, I sprinkle some turbinado sugar over the top of the spices in #4. .
6) Turn down the heat just about a 1/4" on the dial.
7) Put water in the tray. You'll need to replace every 1-1/2 hrs.
8) Cook for 4.5-5 hours at or around 250 degrees.
9) In the last 30 minutes of cooking, I allow the water to run out and raise the temp to 350-400 degrees which will ignite the smoke pellets, I like the ones Holland sells. For ribs, I prefer Alder.
10) After about 20 minutes of smoke, reduce the heat back to original level and apply BBQ sauce.

Crack open a cold one and enjoy the ribs. My boys eat a full rack each so plan accordingly. The only problem with doing ribs right is you won't be able to each those from most restaurants!



Get a large aluminum pan. Take your slab of ribs and cut in half. Remove mebrane from underside of ribs and place in pan meat side up. Pour a cup of apple or pineapple juice over slabs and sprinkle liberally with Carolina or any other seasoning. Let sit while grill warms up. Place ribs meat side down and close lid for 30 min. Retain pan and after 30 min. place ribs in pan meat side up. Pour over BBQ sauce and cover pan with foil. Put back on grill for another 30 minutes. You will never taste beter ribs than these.


Ribs are our favorite. My questions is everyone talks about changing the heat setting. I thought it was one temp, cook by time. I have a 12 year old weber and am researching a new grill.
Can someone fill me in? Thanks so much!


Normal cooking temp on a Holland after the preheat is about 375 +-. By adding water or other liquid(apple juice) to the drip pan, it brings the internal temp down to 250 or so. This not only allows you to cook slower & longer, but adds moisture & results in very tender meat. Try this on brisket too.
Pat pretty much nailed it in his reply above.


Pork ribs should be marinated overnight with Apple Cider doesn't matter what happens or how bad you go wrong it will fall off the bone. It doesn't take much apple cider to do this either.When i buy a 2-pak of pork spare ribs i clip a corner of the plastic pkg it comes in and pour about 1/4 to 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar in then seal. I then turn the pkg over every few hoursto ensure thoroughly drenched in the vinegar, take it out in the a.m. and let stand to room temperature. I put BBQ sauce on something i wanna try and give a good taste to because the natural grilling process didn't do the trick. Otherwise, i prefer the taste of the grill and marinades alone and possibly an occasional dab into some BBQ sauce just to give it a change


I have experimented with different cooking times for my ribs and am still perfecting my craft. The Holland recipe says to cook about 1.5 hrs and others have said 4 hours at a lower temperature. The Holland recipe turned out very nicely but I have always heard that "low and slow" is best. Any comments/suggestions/recommendations?



I've also experimented with different times. It takes a while to perfect it. I've tried several different methods (seems like there are hundreds of ways to cook ribs), and am learning something new everytime. The last time, I cooked the ribs bone side up..should have been bone side down. It would have kept the juices in. They still turned out great, but a bit overdone. Here's some questions I have about smoking and slow cooking:

1. If I start the slow cooking process by adding water to the pan, and then bringing up the temp, how will I get the smoke I want? I don't think the chips will ignite at a low temp. I'd like to keep the temp down low, and still have the smoke.

2. If I add water to the pan after the grill gets hot, I can't get the temp down low. It is hot here with no shade available. I've tried cracking the lid, but it still stays around 300.

Any ideas? Planning to cook ribs tomorrow.