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Topic Title: Heritage Plus blows up
Created on February 17, 2016 at 08:59 PM


I have had my Heritage plus in 2004. Haven't used my Webber charcoal grill since.
Last fall it stopped igniting. It had always lit on the first try for all of those years. Now when I go to light it I have to wait longer for the gas to build and have to turn the igniter know several times. Then when it finally does light it is an explosion of flames and I lose the hair off my ands and legs if I'm wearing shorts.
After consulting with the local dealer I replaced the igniter. Which by the way is no small task. We tested the spark and it worked. No longer on the first try though. I have the gap right and when it does finally light the flame is just right. Blue with yellow tips.
Well tonight it's did it again. After repeated tries with the igniter, I for the first time used a match and behold. I am once again hairless on my right hand.
Has anyone had this experience? What was your solution. I am afraid of my best friend. My Herritage.


Propane when built up in the grill will always explode. Always have the lid open, if your Holland doesn't light after spinning the igniter 4 quick times, shut the gas off, and wait 5 minutes, turn on the gas, and light it with a match, or bick lighter. On my Holland, l've found the when its wet or rained lately, the igniter woun't work.


Contact Holland Customer Service 800 880 9766 or see the website & click on Support for info. on how to adjust the electrode & air shutter & that should fix the problem.