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Topic Title: Pizza
Created on June 7, 2016 at 06:04 AM


Hello Everyone,
Has anyone used a Pizza Stone on their Holland Grille? If so how did it perform?


I've had the Epic with the SearMate for over a year and have been
disappointed that it's more of an oven than a grill. So, I, too, have
been interested in making pizzas on it using a pizza stone. I would
like to hear from anyone who has experience with this. I am also
interested in hearing from people who have the Holland Cookbook. Of the
3 pizza recipes listed on the website, one called for a packaged
crust mix, one for a purchased pre-made crust, and one had a tortilla
for a crust! I don't really consider any of these pizza recipes
without a recipe for the crust! I'm wondering if the cookbook is
any more thorough? It should be for $39.95!


I have the cook book and in my opi ion which means nothing is that its pretty generic but does give you some ideas on what you can cook on your Holland.
I also bougjt one for my SIL who can't cook a lick and is a stickler for following receipes and she complains all the time that many of receipes call for spices that Holland no longer makes. So she calls wanting to know what to substitute. I get a laugh out of the calls.

With that said concerning pizza. My wife makes her pizza from scratch. We have cooked it in the Holland with success. Did not use a stone. With the cooking grated the way it is I do not feel its reqd. You do need a pizza peel. As a note even if marginally good at wood working like me there are alt of pizza peel plans on the net to make your own.

Also have had success with my Companion cooking frozen pizza's while tailgaitng prior to Dolphin games for my nephews and nieces.


Thank you, JC, for responding. You gave me some helpful information, like about
the spice mixes that are no longer available (you've convinced me that I don't
need the cookbook) and that you cook pizzas without a stone. I used to have one
but I left it behind when I moved across the country. I do have a peel and use
it when I bake frozen pizzas as I usually add a lot of extra toppings. When you
bake pizza right on the grill do you ever have any trouble with the bottom burning
before the rest gets done all the way through? And would you, or your wife
consider sharing your scratch dough recipe? I can give you my email address if
you would rather share it in a more private venue. Just say so if I'm asking too
much. Like I said, I haven't been too crazy about my grill so far and would love
to find something like pizza that I could specialize in and get really good at!
Thanks again! It helps just to talk to someone else who uses one.

Skip in Va

I, too, am considering the pizza stone. I recently bought my third Holland Grill (The Freedom) and found that it cooks hotter than my previous Holland grills. I actually like the higher temp; it makes cooking some items faster (and JUICYER). However, I've found that cooking pizza directly on the grid ends up with burnt edges and this ruins the overall flavor of the pizza. I'd like to hear from any users of the Holland version of the pizza stone and get their opinion of its value. I saw one at Lowes that comes with a pizza paddle for $19.99. I'm skeptical that it's really anywhere near the quality of Holland's. Any advice?


I bought the pizza stone kits from Lowes. Can't compare it to the one Holland sells, but for $19.00 it seems to do a good job what few times I have used it.

Tom Kirkman

I bought and use the Holland Pizza stone. Works great. Easy to use.