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Topic Title: gas tank
Created on June 27, 2016 at 05:33 PM

Skip in Va

I just bought a new Freedom Grill and it has slots cut where you sit the tank. However, I'm having trouble getting the tank to sit properly. Is there a trick to doing this or am I just uncoordinated? It seems that I get one side of the tank base in a slot the other side slips out and the tank doesn't set level.


Skip, not sure of the set up but it sounds like the one on my old classic. When I bought it almost 20 years ago it gave me fits. I found it easiest to det the cylinder to rest in the two outboard slots first then jockey it around a bit to get it to rest in the inboard slot. Heck a couple of times I had to park my hind end on the ground to set it in correctly.
Good news with practice it becomes second nature and you wont give it a second thought.
BTW what part of VA you in. Myself I'm in Hampton Roads.

Skip in Va

I'm in the great little, big town, (NO OFFENSE TO THE COUNTRY GROUP) of Martinsville. Thanks for the advice. I see how you do it and I'll go out and fix it right now.