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Topic Title: Temperature
Created on September 30, 2016 at 04:33 PM


Have a Tradition (BH421-SG-4)Holland Grill and would really like be able to adjust the temperature. Really would like to get it down to 250 so I can cold smoke with it. I have read the posts here but have a different solution which means I really would like to slow cook. I have tried to use the tank gas valve to restrict the amount of gas and that did not work out.


You can add water to the drip pan with the drain valve closed and that will bring the temp down. Just keep an eye on the water level as you cook. I have also added apple juice while cooking a Pork Loin which adds a little more flavor as well. I topped of the drip pan about every 45 or so just to keep it more consistent. Hope that will help. Any liquid added to the drip pan will cool it down.