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Topic Title: companions
Created on October 20, 2016 at 04:37 PM


So after reading the blog, I am more confused than ever. Are the Companions made in the USA or China?


Hmmm... I am not sure. I have an electric model and I have never looked to see where it was made. I will say that with the exception of the electrical components the grill is well made. I am pretty sure Holland did not make the electrical parts but if they did the quality would have been much better. Maybe that is why they discontinued that model and now have the gas model only. I am about to buy another Companion very soon if that helps put your fears to rest. This will be my third Holland grill.


This is the only model that Holland does not manufacture in the US. They are made in China under the
specifications for Holland grill. Hope this helps, I have had one for years and love the convenience of being able to take it anywhere I go.