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Topic Title: Temperature Guage on Companion
Created on November 20, 2016 at 08:42 PM


Has anyone ever installed a temp guage on a companion? If so, details please. Thanks.


Slick not really enough room under the top of this grill. I just use a quick read thermometer for the meat temps.You could use a oven thermometer and just sit on cooking grate.

Tom Kirkman

I've done it and really like it. I usually kick my regulator up to high to preheat and once the lid temp gauge hits 450 will back it down to medium and cook. It's nice because on really hot days you can use the temp gauge to tell if you need to back down to low, or on winter days you might want to stay on high. The idea is to keep the grill about about 400F. The lid gauge makes it easy to know what to do.