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Topic Title: Gray poultry
Created on November 24, 2016 at 09:54 PM


The last few cooks on my Holland, the final product (chicken breast and now Turkey) has come out gray. Any thoughts/opinions on why would be most appreciated.


Your air/gas mixture is probably too rich. It is most likely your flame is all yellow/orange emitting black soot covering your food. Adjust your air mixture per the manual so your flame is mostly blue with yellow tips & it should return to normal.


MarkJG, I am not sure about cooking poultry since I mostly cook steak, burgers, shrimp, etc. Also, I am not disputing what Franklin says either, because that sounds very reasonable. I was wondering where you buy your meat? The reason I ask is that years ago I shopped only at walmart and every steak I cooked was grayish, regardless of whether it was a sirloin, ribeye, etc. They tasted ok, but just didn't look that appetizing and the texture of the meat was more like it was processed or "something". I tried several different seasonings and marinades and adjusted the settings on the grill with no change. I finally moved to an area where there was a Kroger. Immediately I noticed a huge difference in the appearance, texture, and taste of the meat. I realized what I was buying at walmart must not have been true meat even though it was labeled as sirloin, ribeye, etc. So it could possibly be nothing to do with your grill or your cooking as to why the meat is gray. Just a thought...


Brush your poultry with butter, margerine or olive oil, then season. Light the grill & clean your flame up with the air-shutter adjustment (blue with small yellow tips). Heat to full heat & don't lose it by leaving the lid open. Add the chicken without opening the lid all the way. Golden brown chicken!


I figured out the problem. I have a cracked gas line between the gas control knob and the burner. I decided to replace my Tradition with a new Apex. My Tradition was 10+ years old. Thank you for all of your excellent input!