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Topic Title: Is it necessary to change the bottom shelf?
Created on April 21, 2017 at 08:07 PM


I have the classic old Holland Grill. It is probably 20 years old and the bottom shelf is really rusty

but do I really need to change it? What happens if I do not change it? What is its function?


The bottom shell is the main support for the center post. If it rust out you will no longer have support for the burner or the center support for the whole grill. I had this grill for 23 yrs and welded a plate in the bottom and redrilled the holes and got 7 more years


I am sorry I meant to say Drip Pan

A local welder quoted me 150 dollars whereas the original costs 110

The problem is original replacement is Aluminium which I am afraid of


Sorry to tell you this, but the old Classic you have been cooking on for 20 yrs is made from aluminized steel. So all inside surfaces are clad with aluminum, including your old drip pad. When the aluminum surface wore through, the steel underneath could rust.
The new black grills & drip pans are solid aluminum. They don't rust. Cooking in aluminum containers is safe, although they don't recommend cooking acidic foods like tomatoes in aluminum. So....don't put tomatoe juice in your aluminum drip pan & you'll be ok.