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Topic Title: Low Temp & Cleaning
Created on May 24, 2017 at 02:48 PM


I suffered from low temperatures. I followed the comply instructions with out success. What worked, I completely cleaned the drip pan and grate. I built a fire in my fire pit, then dropped in the greasy parts into the fire. The fat burned off and now my grill is running over temperature. Follow the guide and clean the parts to new condition.


Yep, I just scrape the drip pan when the build-up gets thick. I never get it completely clean, just "good enough" I guess.

Tom Kirkman

I try to arrange meals so that every 3rd or 4th meal involves the use of the drip pan as a steam pan. The water/steam helps to clean it so that any baked on gunk gets removed every 3rd or 4th meal. No hard scraping or cleaning if you'll do a steamed meal every few times out.