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Topic Title: No Smoke
Created on July 3, 2017 at 10:44 AM

Ted from Jacksonville

Classic grill I inherited when I bought the house. Totally grunged out inside. I scraped it all down and cleaned the drain. Runs 270-290 with the drip pan filled as advertised, but no smoke from the chip drawer. When the pan is empty, it runs around 360, with limited smoke. I've read about chips under the pan and will give that a try. Can you put a foil pouch in the cavity next to the burner or do you need to put them directly on the heat diffusor?

I might have flame issues, too. I can open the shutter all the way, but still get what I think are too long yellow tips, and can't get an all blue flame. I'm using propane, could I possibly have a Natural gas orifice? Could that be the problem? Any way to check? Maybe just need to clean out the burner?

Appreciate any helpful hints.


Follow instructions on grill care and clean the burner and orface, heat will return and blue flane with yellow tips. My grill is 15 years old and I clean the burner every year. The drippan needs to be cleaned too, if you have alot of build up there hear it will as cause a loss of heat. If all else fails, a larger orface my be needed.