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Topic Title: companion temp?
Created on July 15, 2017 at 02:37 PM

bill sand

bought a companion grill at a estate auction does not look to have been used just few times have tried both 1# tank and large tank and hose does not want to heat up on high small flame on burner and small breeze well blow it out. have 2 larger Hollands and luv em this one has me baffled regulator? also should there be a screen at the vent opening on the burner tube?


I seem to have the opposite issue. I bought a new Companion a few months back, and although I have learned its little quirks, I feel that it cooks a little hot, even on Low. I am leaning toward the regulator being a little off, but I am not sure how to adjust it. Maybe I need a different regulator?

bill sand

would not even stay lit long enough to warm up yesterday set on high


you are not getting enough gas through the burner. You need to find out why! Have you tried to clean out the burner of spider webs, etc. Bottle brush works good. If this doesn't help, you have a bad regulator or a regulator that is out of adjustment.


I had a identical issue. Make sure your propane cylinder is tightly screwed into your regulator. When I say tight put some umph into it.