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Topic Title: Roast'n Post
Created on November 16, 2007 at 02:38 PM


The Holland Roast' Post cooks the juciest most tender whole chickens that I've ever tasted. I recently used tequila, orange juice and a sqeeze of lime in the post and rubbed the outside of the chicken with a mild cajun seasonig. I cooked the chicken for 1 1/12 hrs. It was incredable!!!


I use something from the grocery called Red Wine Garlic Vinegar. I put just a little in the roasting post and man does it give that chicken a great flavor!


Soak your chix in 7-up soda for about 15-20 minutes. Rub lemon pepper on the out side then add 7-up with lemon juice to your roasting post for a light and refreshing meal. The 7-up really makes that bird glossy. Dressed up nice enough to go out on the town.

Kate Jones

I have a gas Companion which I love (after cooking with charcoal for years); will the roasting post fit inside it? There is about 14" clearance. I cook a lot of chicken. Thanks.


We used the chicken post, added white wine,lemon juice, garlic--it turned out great, mosit and juicy!!


To Kate Jones!! Kate, the normal Chicken Post will not fit the Companion. You need to call them and order the special one for the Companion because the post is shorter for it. I was told that when the ones they have are gone there will be no more so order soon. I ordered 4 to make sure I had two for each Companion that I have.


"Dressed up nice enough to go out on the town."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That was so funny! Thanks for the laughs of the day!


I have the same problem with a Companion grill and the post height. I was thinking I could just hacksaw off part of the post to allow clearance. Has anyone done this, knows if this will work?


I just use a beer can


WOW ! Just tried a whole chicken for the 1st time on the Epic. Just used a regular beer can post from Wally World (no beer) and sprinkled with lemon-pepper seasoning and some garlic salt. Man...that was the best and juciest chicken ever ! Also lined a pan with foil & diced up some red potatoes with a light covering of olive oil and sprinkled some Lawry's seasoning salt on them and topped with slices of vidalia onions. Closed up foil and cooked about 30 mins. on the grill. Awesome meal !!!! Gotta get a roasting post for sure !


Hi I just did 2 Whole Chickens yesterday,One I did with lemon pepper and put thin sliced lemons under the skin and lemon juice in the post. the other one I used Carolina Seasoning. in the post I used red wine and garlic vinegar and crushed A couple of cloves of garlic and put it in the vinegar. Cooked them for 1 Hour and 10 min. They turned out Great. Best Chicken Ever

To Newguyonblock

The Companion really isn't tall enough to cook whole chickens vertically on a post. Best to just lay them on the grill on their back & put a 1/2 full can of whatever you prefer in the body cavity with holes punched in the top side of the can. If the chickens aren't too big, you can get 2 of them on this way.