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Topic Title: Questions about steaming
Created on August 1, 2008 at 02:05 AM


I did some experimenting with our new Heritage grill. I filled the pan with just water, and let it get up to temperature (got to between 350-375). I tried this about dark, when it had cooled somewhat (been in the 90's with high humidity). I've read on the site where it said to fill the drip pan, turn it on, and wait for steam to come out of the stacks. I did not see clouds of steam, but it was creating some steam (could feel it on my hand by the stacks). Is this supposed to be like this, or should there be more steam? Yes, the grill is normally in the sun, but it was near dark then.


You will not see clouds of steam out of the stacks, but your temps will be lower & you will be cooking with lots of hot moisture inside the grill.


Thanks. The temp should also be lower when the meat is on. Thanks for you help.