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Topic Title: If Your On the Fence
Created on August 4, 2008 at 07:04 PM


For all those folks that have been considering the Holland grill and waiting for divine intervention, a labor day sale, or just any sign to buy a grill....go ahead and just do it. I was in that club for a month and I must say after being the proud owner of a new APEX for 2 weeks, I've cooked more good food in 2 weeks than I had in the 20 years prior on all my other grills. You won't regret it and I now understand why everyone is so passionate about these grills.



Got my holland legacy with a side burner as a closeout. Originally bought it for my husband's birthday 3 weeks ago. We keep on trying different things and never disappointed. I don't really know whose grill it is anymore. Was the best steak ever tonight with the mesquite chips. Wish we would have had this grill years ago. How can you not love this thing!!! I'll never own any other grill than a Holland!!!


I totally agree. I've had my Heritage grill for nearly 2 weeks, and have cooked sausage and biscuits, meatloaf, brats, hamburgers, pork chops, pizza and of course, the apple pie (yes, it really works). No flare ups, just great food. I'm still learning about everything it can do, and am very impressed. I looked at another grill brand this evening, and realized how much more complicated it was, not to mention looking down into the burners...I could just see the food going up in flames! I would highly recommend this grill to anyone considering purchasing a gas grill. It will pay off in the short run, by not heating up your house and having to remove the heat, and in the long run, by not having to buy a new grill every few years.

the demonstrator

BRAVO to all the owners above.


I received a Holland Grill as a wedding present in 1994 and we are just now looking to replace it!! For the women who grill this is the best grill ever! You can walk away without the worry of a fire and the food is always great. Love it....can't wait for my new one!