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Topic Title: Warranty / Grease Pan
Created on August 6, 2008 at 01:53 AM


I purchased my new Holland Companion through a Silent Auction (Baseball Program fundraiser). It was new in the box; however, I was not the original purchaser. It was purchased to auction off. Does the warranty still apply??

Also, the grease pan included in the box is not the correct one, it's larger than it should be as it extends past the bottom of the grill. When I went to the website to order a replacement, the MG2-1000 is not an option - any suggestions?

@ Belinda

Send in your warranty card so you get on their database. Your warranty should start the day you received the grill.
The grease pan does stick out beyond the grill body an inch or so. They said it was for safety reasons, so you don't forget to remove it when you finish using the grill. I guess they don't want you to carry the grill away with grease in the pan that might spill on you.
BTW - I bought the disposable aluminum liners in the baking section in a supermarket. Very inexpensive.