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Topic Title: Pulled Pork
Created on August 8, 2008 at 01:32 PM


I just returned from a trip to North Carolina where I fell in love with their pulled pork BBQ. Has anyone got a good recipe for the Holland and a quick "how to" including the pulling? I did bring home a couple of bottles of the vinegar sauce so that part is taken care of. Thanks!

Chad F


Try >Recipes >pork >Bodacious Boston Butt. On this web-site.



Thanks Chad, I wouldn't have associated Boston Butt with North Carolina. I think they use a shoulder roast or something of that nature. Maybe its the same thing. I'll ask the butcher. I'll give it a try and post my results. TerryO


Actually, most NC pulled pork is whole(or 1/2)hog, but the Boston butt is the best for a residential sized grill.
Take my word for it, you won't be dissapointed once you get the routine down.


I made a boston butt aka pulled pork from the recipe here and it was fantastic, critic loved it. not a single piece went to waste. 5 hours of grilling with water in the pan 1 hour without water put a finish on the meat that was just perfect.
the next day I did 4 hours on the stove with some beer in a cast iron pot and the meat fell apart perfectly.

thanks for making this summer more delicious than any other summer I can recall


Sorry I haven't posted my results sooner!
It turned out perfect per the published recipe with a few twists. 1st I injection marinated it with the sauce. I poured Bud Lite Lime over it occasionaly for moisture. Only had it on the grill until about 165 degrees because the recipe called for 180. Never heard of that for pork. Cooled it for a few hours and pulled. While in the crock pot the second day, I again added the BLL and a small amount of sauce for moisture and flavor. Absolutely amazing. The whole family and all of the neighbors loved it. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Pulled turkey this weekend, wish me luck!